Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape Debut Season 2 With a New Weapon, Hack And More

Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape Debut Season 2 With a New Weapon, Hack And More

Hyper Scape the battle royale game from the French’s video game company, Ubisoft is in the second season on the PlayStation 4. The second season will come with which a new weapon, hack, and to say nothing of the new ranking system maps. This will see gamers have access to a two-handed chemical rifle, Atrax that will support the shooting of the missile explosives that can detonate when on contact or after a timer. The developers indicated earlier that this chemical projectiles that will have power to go off thereupon hitting a contender, will have the ability to stick to the environment surface and explode after some time. It’s good to know that any enemy kill be caught in the affected area of explosions will be damaged alongside experiencing slowdown effects.

Even as reports indicate that Atrax

Even as reports indicate that Atrax will be effective with the presence of a more versatile weaponry system, the size of ammunition magazine is limited, and gamers will be required to be more keen in terms of ammo count down. For the first time, gamers will be exposed to a new limited time hack feature known as Platform that will offer freedom to gamers to create other platforms at their own discretion. Not to mention that users will have to wait a little longer before using the Platform Hack that will only be introduced in Hyper Space at the later stage.

Ubisoft's Hyper Scape Debut Season 2 With a New Weapon, Hack And More

Game creators believe that by introducing the Platform Hack later in Season 2 will give them ample time to monitor the efficient of the new feature. Users will witness the return of the Magnet Hack that will add a new Hack platform to the game meta. In the same light, the developers insisted that the inclusion of a limited time mode such as a Floor Is Lava mode will enable gamers to experience an interesting outcome. According to the rumors, the new Floor Is Lava mode will need players to avoid the ground. Equally important, players will taste a new mode that has been given the name of a Crown

Rush Duo that will enable gamers to compete for the crown in pairs.

Correspondingly, the new mode will have a Player Ranking system that will see players given ranks based on the number of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. As a matter of fact, a player that will receive more than 10 medals will be declared a champion. Not to say that the new player’s ranking system will be on the basis of the 10 match medals and average kills accrued in the game.