Riot Games teases new ‘Valorant’ map ahead of Act 3 launch

Riot Games teases new ‘Valorant’ map ahead of Act 3 launch

According to reports, Riot Games recently released a new video online showing details of the latest Valorant map. The video revealed that the map will be launched before the release of the Act 3 next week. It will be called the Icebox, and the modern setting will provide players with an industrial site establish on an icy tundra. In the trailer, you will see a wide area outside that is crammed with shipping containers with an office space with tighter angles. The trailer also reveals other important features like a high-rise building with a zip line, and a giant battleship. This map update is listed as the fifth extension to the game’s current maps, while the others that were added previously are Ascent, Bind, Haven, and Split.

The trailer shows a wide zone

The trailer shows a wide zone outside that is packed with delivery holders with an office space with more tight edges. This guide update is recorded as the fifth augmentation to the game’s present guides, while the others will be included in the next six months.

Riot Games teases new 'Valorant' map ahead of Act 3 launch

Likewise, the organization uncovered that modern guides will be remembered for the various scenes of the game for regular intervals. This current scene will get done with the finish of the inevitable Act 3, and the guide’s dispatch was hauled forward as a result of network criticism. As per the organization, the update should turn out in part 2, however, they chose to deliver it ahead of schedule for the scene. This choice was made on the grounds that they discovered that gamers were on edge for the dispatch of the fifth guide. Additionally, one of the designers as of late uncovered the ongoing changes the current Act was accompanying and one of them is the change to rank variety. This will permit users to be fitted with participants who are inside three levels of their present grade.

In addition, the company revealed that new maps will be included in the different episodes of the game every six months. The existing episode will finish with the end of the forthcoming Act 3, and the map’s launch was dragged forward because of community feedback. According to the company, the update was supposed to come out in Episode 2, but they decided to release it early for the episode. This decision was made because they found out that players were eager for the launch of the fifth map. Also, one of the developers recently revealed the recent changes the new Act was coming with and one of them is the change to rank variation. This will allow gamers to be fitted with players who are within three tiers of their current rank.