Hackers Claim To have access to Watch Dogs: Legion’s Source Code

Hackers Claim To have access to Watch Dogs: Legion’s Source Code

There are lots of activities that people engage in when they have free time on their hands; these activities help them socialize with their families and friends. Most of them are outdoor as they give the humble time to be in the physical events while some are indoors, such as watching movies and playing video games. Videos games are always fun to engage in, especially when you find a fit product that gets you involved in most of the tasks and gives you the best challenges to solve while participating in quests. Developers ensure that they make the best in the market and include lots of features, challenges, and tasks to give the players multiple choices to help avoid the monotony that comes due to playing a single quest. They also make them in a way that ensures their security is up to standard to prevent hackers from taking control and damaging the way people play.

According to recent reports in the

According to recent reports in the gaming world, hackers are claiming to have hacked and got access to two game developers’ internal codes before they release them to the market. The developers affected are the Ubisoft and the Crytek, who focus the engineering on making games that you can play and never get to boredom. According to the hackers, they have cracked Ubisoft games legion internal networks and got away with the coding system that they use when making it. For Crytek, they say that they have access to the entire production as it was easy for them to have access due to weak security. The amount of data they can hack from a developer determines how affected the games will be, and for the first developer, they are in a better position.

Hackers Claim To have access to Watch Dogs: Legion's Source Code

These hackers usually demand a ransom payment for them not to release the data to the public, which will affect the project when it gets to the market and affect the number of potential customers. Game leaks are not fit, and developers always try their best to make their systems secure to prevent the occurrences of people having access to their internal networks. Although no ransom demands yet, the developers are still struggling to ensure that it never occurs again as they wait for the official release of their projects.

Those looking forward to seeing the games in the market will have to wait for the official announcement from the developers about the hacking claims. They hope that the rumors are not true, and the claims will not affect anyhow the projects.