Far Cry Ubisoft review

Far Cry Ubisoft review

The Hope Valley is a pair of sisters known as the twins, who lead a gang that want to terrorize everyone and distroying up what little resources remain as well. But that lack of depth actually makes them an ideal Far Cry bosses, the twins and their crew are irredeemably bad, so you don’t feel bad killing hundreds of them as well.

Goal of the game is not just to take out the bad guys, but to expand your territory across Hope Valley. Prosperity is a relatively small community, and much of the game is spent liberating places, further spreading your influence. As always, it’s very satisfying watching the map which starts out dark and dangerous then slowly turn in your favor too

One thing that remains the same

If you played Far Cry 5, exploring the system rendition of hope Valley is familiar. Farms and homes that you visited in the previous game are now in ruins, some times keeping dark secrets or useful tools. Far Cry 5 was filled with doomsday preppers, regular folks who built bunkers anticipating the end of the world is coming soon. They were a fun diversion, but in New Dawn they’re some of the most deadly places to uncover too.

One thing that remains the same is that still teeming with wildlife a trip up a mountain could mean a in countering with animals or bear, and there are plenty of deer to hunt around and fish to catch amazing. There are new, versions of normal animals, going up against a big buffalo is not something recommend. The game also brings back one of the best features of Far Cry 5, where you can hire guns and various AI characters serve as a co-op partner.

Far Cry Ubisoft review

Wish Ubisoft had gone farther with the post theme Far Cry 5 already took place in a typical small town turned into a warzone. Has a few years after a nuclear bomb laid waste to it all, the place feels remarkably similar to earlier version. The same goes for the story, maybe expected too much from what it should be a small spin.

But the idea of combining Far Cry 5’s base game with a violent, colorful setting seemed like the perfect recipe. One that would showcase the series for what it truly is, a big, dumb action game interesting indeed. where you can do virtually anything you want. Instead, new Dawn is a familiar experience that, while a lot of fun is ongoing, gets away from the best part of its earlier series without adding enough that really feels new. Even when the world ends soon but Far Cry stays the same as it is.