Essay on favorite old video game system

Essay on favorite old video game system

Numerous computer games these days have designs so fresh with rich storylines that the gaming experience is likened to dropping yourself into an intuitive film. Yet, that vibrant, vivid experience likewise accompanies a bunch of rascals ridiculing you for your uncouthness. Some times you might long for when things were simpler with the old video game system. But, that’s just being delusional as it is understood that things have never been straightforward for man. However, you might still find what you are looking for as with today’s modern technology you could enjoy the classics of multiple retro gaming systems better. This means that you could comfortably beat Bowser without the fear of your system resetting because some in the room moved.

If we are talking about our

If we are talking about our favorite retro gaming systems, my favorite old video game system would definitely be the Sega Mega Drive. The first time seeing this game was at a friend’s place, and it immediately blew my mind. He was playing Sonic the Hedgehog while the graphics and music from the game blew me away. This is my favorite old video game system because it was awesome, the graphics were impressive, music was catchy while the speed was exciting. Seeing that game startup for the first time while hearing that SEGA intro will make you jump up for joy. Sega made it into that industry around 1989 looking cooler hoping to play against that kid-friendly Nintendo’s programming.

Essay on favorite old video game system

Surprisingly, that strategy worked for Sega as they were doing alright with hundreds of consoles spread across the globe. Some of their iconic game titles also help to broaden the industry for them. The best games then we’re Sonic the Hedgehog, Earthworm, Mortal Kombat, Golden Axe including FIFA International Soccer. Others were racing games like Road Rash 1 to 3, James Pond 2, Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing, as well as hockey. Playing those games then was fun as we played them with friends together physically cheering and nodding off to that wonderful sound chip. Those games were used to capture and illustrate the spirit of the 90s in a simpler form which left an impression on all players.

During that time, they sold more than 30 million units which were more than Nintendo. Today, this console is still well-remembered for its simplicity, iconic games together with its catchy sound. That Sega Mega Drive is my favorite old video game system because those memories including that excitement from playing those games are still there. Nothing comes close to this experience even with these improvement in today’s consoles something still seems to be missing. Previously, most players selected their favorite console system based on some games available then.

But, today there is a wide range of console games to choose from that one might be confused when asked to pick your favorite. This is great as the console industry has improved with more innovative products available for different types of people. The bottom line is that it is evident that video game systems have improved with the advancement of technology which means better graphics and sound.